Store Tours

TOUR 1: the london innovation

Join us in exploring the latest and most innovative stores London has to offer, not just grocery stores but a selection of formats that are at the cutting edge of retail marketing.

We will start at Whole Foods flagship store in Kensington, which is a masterclass in emotionally driven marketing, fresh food excellence and in-store experience.

We will then continue into the city centre where we will visit some amazing stores including new urban supermarkets, the latest convenience concepts, retailers who are doing amazing things with in-store digital activation and a host of other retailers who we believe, must be seen.

This one is going to be popular so sign up early!


The UK market is one of the most evolved retail markets in the world. Multi-channel retail is well developed and it is also an extremely competitive space. The last two years have also seen some huge changes and disruption at the leading retailers, so it is a very interesting time to visit stores.

The loyalty space is well developed and very crowded, private label continues to evolve and price/promotion is a very hot topic!

By venturing just out of the city centre we will have a wealth of fantastic stores to visit, including some of the latest flagship stores of the UK’s leading grocery retailers.


As always, we will offer this specialised store tour programme for our small format clients, or anyone who would like to explore this sector.

The morning will be dedicated to visiting the latest petrol retail formats and service stations surrounding London.

In the afternoon we will head into the city centre and visit the latest convenience formats. There are some new and exciting store formats to see, all of which will provide new ideas around convenience, food-to-go, assortment, in-store experience and marketing.