Inspiring Loyalty



The world of loyalty is transforming

Tomorrow’s retail marketing will be built on connections. On experiences. On reaching people at an emotional level.

Join us at the International Marketing Forum in London – and we’ll show you how.

We promise you two remarkable days of thought-provoking ideas, sensory experiences and inspirational speakers.

We’ll show you:

  • Fresh ways to make shoppers feel, not just think
  • Inspiring ideas to bring marketing to life, in-store and at home – displays that are explorable, campaigns that excite and the latest digital innovation
  • How joy, surprise and reward will be pivotal in winning new shoppers and retaining existing ones
  • Our guided store tour showcasing new formats and marketing activity in one of the most advanced markets in the world.

This is TCC Inspiring Loyalty


What are we loyal to?

Which brands make us smile, give us an experience? Who do we really value and trust?

How often do retailers excite, surprise and inspire us? Is our loyalty truly rewarded?

These are the kinds of big questions we’ll be answering… at the TCC Inspired Store. This is the first time we’ve created a concept store at the show. The Inspired Store is a symbol of a core TCC belief – that our campaigns tell a story.

We believe that the story of our loyalty campaigns are as important as the rewards themselves; maybe more so. And we are convinced that millions of consumers believe that too.

Together, we can craft these stories and bring our marketing strategies to life. When we do, we create a unique point of difference in a crowded retail market.

The Inspired Store is where we use creativity, insight and rewards to bring loyalty to life.

Join us, and we’ll show you how.